The Sun Singer: "I have encountered few books that have moved me like this one has. Thomas Covenant. Lord of the Rings. Stranger in a Strange Land. There are a few I could name; but really, how many life-changing moments can you have without feeling a little crazy in the end? Life, in its wisdom, rations them out to us. The Sun Singer is one." --Seth Mullins ("Trust in the Unseen")


  • "Sarabande is a satisfying read. We are given a heroine we can understand and with whom we can sympathize. We travel alongside her through conflict and challenge, cheering her on. She suffers and endures, and finally rises above. How she does this ... you'll have to read for yourself." -- Zinta Aistars ("On a Writer's Journey")
  • "Sarabande is an amazingly well told tale of redemption that starts off with Sarabande seeking Robert Adams' help to settle Dryad’s haunting torment. Her quest starts off well through the dimensional divide and Mr. Campbell’s poetic prose is spellbinding as he paints a picture of Sarabande riding Sikimi through the night sky. Things then go terribly awry in a horrific set of events. Sarabande must draw on all of her inner strength to survive." - ?wazithinkin at Big Al's Books and Pals

Glacier Park's Swiftcurrent Valley - Barry Campbell photo

Second Edition, November 2015
Thomas-Jacob Publishing
Available in e-book and paperback editions

Conjure Woman's Cat

When Sarabande’s sister Dryad haunts her for three years beyond the grave, Sarabande begins a dangerous journey into the past to either raise her cruel sister from the dead, ending the torment, or to take her place in the safe darkness of the earth. Sarabande leaves the mountains of Pyrrha and Montana for the cornfields of Illinois on a black horse to seek help from Robert Adams, the once powerful Sun Singer, in spite of unsettling predictions about her trip.

To find the Sun Singer, Sarabande needs the help of the powerful black horse name Sikimí,  an avatar named Siobhan and a Blackfeet medicine man who calls himself Billy. When she leaves the Pyrrha she knows and travels across the United States, everything is strange to her because her world doesn't have the science and technology present day Americans take for granted. For better or worse, the magic is always with her.

One man tries to kill her alongside a deserted prairie road, another tries to save her with ancient wisdom, and Robert tries to send her away. Even if she persuades him to bring the remnants of his magic to Dryad's shallow grave, the desperate man who follows them desires the Rowan staff for ill intent; and Dryad us sister awaits their arrival wanting much more than a mere return to life

Fourth Edition, May 2015
Kindle Direct Publishing
Available on Kindle

Robert Adams is a normal teenager who raises tropical fish, makes money shoveling snow off his neighbors’ sidewalks, gets stuck washing the breakfast dishes, dreads trying to ask girls out on dates and enjoys listening to his grandfather’s tall tales about magic and the western mountains. Yet, Robert is cursed by a raw talent his parents refuse to talk to him about: his dreams show him what others cannot see.

When the family plans a vacation to the Montana high country, Grandfather Elliott tells Robert there’s more to the trip than his parents’ suspect. The mountains hide a hidden world where people the ailing old man no longer remembers need help and dangerous tasks remain unfinished. Thinking that he and his grandfather will visit that world together, Robert promises to help.

On the shore of a mountain lake, Robert steps alone through a doorway into a world at war where magic runs deeper than the glacier-fed rivers. Grandfather Elliott meant to return to this world before his health failed him and now Robert must resurrect a long-suppressed gift to fulfill his promises, uncover old secrets, undo the deeds of his grandfather's foul betrayer, subdue brutal enemy soldiers in battle, and survive the trip home.

The Sun Singer and Sarabande are contemporary fantasy novels in the "Mountain Journeys" series set in Glacier National Park Montana, the plains of Illinois, and an alternate universe named Pyrrha. In mythic terms, these stories are a hero's journey and a heroine's journey. In personal terms, they feature two young protagonists who will need all their intelligence, daring and magic to survive the chaotic and dangerous circumstances that await them at every bend in the trail.

Mountain Journeys